Arcane Delay is audio fx plugin which create and manipulate with echoes in easy way. Contains two filters for each signal side (left and right). It is not classic feedback delay, each delay is individual.

Instead control each delay separately, only start and end state of delay is set. Process between start and end state can be linear or curved. With that options can be simulated classic feedback delay, and with filters make low or hi frequencies disappear in time.

Arcane Delay Screenshot 1


  • two delays Left and Right
  • delay from 1ms to 1000 (1 second) or in sync to tempo mode from 16 to 1/2 (triola and dotted) note
  • min. 1 and max. 128 delays for each side
  • 2 filters for each side
  • 3 filter types (Lowpass, Hipass and Bandpass) with resonance control
  • amplitude controls for each side (start and end of signal level and curve control)
  • filter controls for each side (filter type, start and end of filter hz, resonance and curve control)
  • ping -pong mode
  • dry / wet control


31.1.2021 Version: 1.0.2
added: New feature - pre-count for delay count.
added: popup window with values for sliders which don't show values on GUI.
added: parameters automation for Dry, Wet sliders, Dry-Wet knob and Dry-Wet mode.
4.1.2021 Version: 1.0.1
changed: gui

Full-version and Demo-version issues

Full-version and Demo-version are separated, that means both can be installed and used. Therefore it is safe uninstall demo-version after full-version is installed.

There is only one exception, when host loads full-version or demo-version first, it displays user interface for first loaded version, but all functionality stays untouched. For example, if full-version is loaded after the demo-version, user interface (full-version) show license for demo-version or show buy button. But demo limitations are not applied.

To resolve this issue (for existing projects using demo-version), remove demo-version from project, save project and then re-open host application. Or uninstall demo-version.